Meet GEC’22 Invited Speakers!

Keynotes (in alphabetical order)

Antonia Gogoglou, Machine Learning Software Engineer, Meta/Facebook Inc.

Keynote Title: "From Thessaloniki to Silicon Valley: A journey in Machine Learning"

In this talk, Antonia will share her journey from undergraduate studies in Electrical and Computer Engineering to the field of Machine Learning and the transition to the tech industry. She will share her experiences in both academia and industry as a woman in tech, talk about her personal views around gender equality in the field of Computer Science and the challenges the field faces.

Marily Nika, AR Product Lead at Google, Fellow at Harvard Business School

Keynote Title: "Bringing AI Products to life"

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the world of business. It is (re)defining industries, the workplace and also our day to day lives. More specifically, virtual assistants offer features that improve speed, efficiency and allow users to focus on higher value work. This talk will involve Marily’s path to AI, Computer Science and Product Management, she will provide a perspective on what being a woman in tech is like and she will share her learnings on how to leverage AI in order to create user value.

Evimaria Terzi, Professor of Computer Science, Boston Uni.

Keynote Title: "Computational Problems in Team Formation and Team Engineering"

The proliferation of online workforce management sites such as Amazon mechanical turk or Freelance has led to a lot of work on the problem of team formation: given a project the problem asks for the “best” team that can complete the project. Different definitions of  “best” lead to different computational problems. In this talk, we will review our own as well as others’ work on team formation, we will present some recent results and discuss open problems in this
emerging area.

Alexandros Triantafyllidis, Professor at Aristotle Uni. of Thessaloniki

Keynote Title: "Supporting Researchers at Risk - European and National Efforts"

In this talk, Prof A. Triantafyllidis will share his experience and summarize the endeavors to support researchers at risk, based on his involvement in Inspireurope, a 3-year project (September 2019 – August 2022) funded by the European Commission (Horizon, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions). Inspireurope is led by a consortium of ten European partners active in supporting researchers at risk and is coordinated by Maynooth University (host of Scholars at Risk Europe). Aristotle University, has a leading role in the outreach activities throughout Central, Eastern and South Europe, and during the last years has succeeded in organizing the Greece SAR section which now involves seven Greek HEIs. Prof A. Triantafyllidis will present the progress of the Inspireurope including European and National efforts to support Scholars at Risk.